Isaac Macol v. William H. S. Boswell. Affidavit of Robert I. Taylor


In the case of Negroe Isaac petioning for leave to sue for the recovery of his freedom in forma pauperis. The subscriber assigned by this Court as Counsel for the Petitioner to state & report the facts on which the petioners[?] claim is founded, report fully submits the following to the Consideration of the Court. That the Petitioner was born in the State of Maryland and in the year 1811 & probably for a long time before was the property of one Elizabeth Smith, who at that time and until her death resided in Prince Georges County in the said State. That in that year 1811 the Petitioner by the authority of his mistress was sent from Maryland to the Town of Alexandria for hire and was at that time hired out for a year & continued so hired for a full year in the Town of Alexandria. That after returning to Maryland he was again sent back to Alexandria where he remained hired for several years previously to the death of the said Elizabeth Smith which happened in the fall of the year 1819. That his hiring in Alexandria was with the consent at probation of his mistress. That the Petitioner by the Will of the said Elizabeth is devised to one Wm H. S. Boswell, by whom he is claimed as a slave. From the facts above   stated the subscriber is clearly of opinion that the Petitioner is entiteld to his freedom

R. I. Taylor

June 7. 1821

In the case of Negroe Isaac

Report & opinion of Counsel assigned to him by the Court