Winny v. Alexander Moore. Summons of Alexander Moore


District of Columbia, to wit:

The United States of America,
To the Marshal of the District of Columbia, Greeting:

We command you, That you take Alexander Moore if he be found within the County of Alexandria, in your said District, and him safely keep, so that you have his body before the honorable the Judges of the United States' Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, for the County of Alexandria, at the Court-House in the town of Alexandria, at the next Court to answer Negro Winny "a pauper" of a plea of Trespass, Assault and Battery and False Imprisonment. Damage Five hundred Dollars.

And have then there this Writ......Witness, the Honorable William Cranch, Chief Judge of our said Court, this 26th day of June 1818.

G. Deneale Cl: Cu:


Negro Winny "a pauper"
Alexander Moore



For Freedom.

1819. Apl Term 21st day

Novem. Term 21st day

1820. April Term 11th day

Nov. Term 10th day
Not guilty Jd. & Jury sworn & affd & Verdict for Deft & Jud

Executed the 8th July 1818
John C Mandell DM
for T. Ringgold Marshal

We of the Jury find for the Defendant
Adam Lynn