Samuel Reeler v. Matthew Robinson. Affidavit of Mrs. Coleman


The statement of Mrs Coleman agreed to be read in evidence on the trial of the case of Saml Reeler vs Mathew Robinson

Says that Colo Marsteller her father administered either on the Estate of a Mr Harrison or of Mrs Harrison who were formerly owners of the plaintiff in this case. She is however impressed strongly that it was upon the estate of Mrs Harrison that he administered. That the said Colo. Marsteller as administrator of Mrs Harrison sold the said Boy, either for a term of thirty years or until he was thirty years old she is not certain which but the said Marsteller said he sold him for a term of years as he supposed he would sell nearly as well on that way as if sold for life & that he wished to make him free in that way. She further says a bill sale she understands was given for said boy to the   purchaser. And that Caven Boa was the purchaser.

Upon being asked by the defendant if this sale for years was not at the sale of Boa's Estate, she says it was not, but at the sale of Mrs Harrisons as above stated.