William v. George W. Lewis. George W. Lewis to Jacob Hoffman


July 3th 1816

Mr Hoffman


I am anxious to hear something Respecting My Black boy William that you detaind when I was in Alexandria on suspicion of his being free, I will give you a correct statement of the buisness. I had not the Least Ideia of selling the boy when I left N.Y. but being misfortunate in lusing my pockiteg boock on the road I was under the necessity of making application to a Jentleman that was in company with me, to lend me some funds till I arived at Richmond of which he did, however to tell you the truth, our money lasted no further than wasington and we being in a strang   place could not get any assistance, and thru presuasion of the Jentleman I offered him for sale, though very much against my will, Upon my word I was hurt at the Idiea, I am pefectly willing to make any compensation, and if you will let me have the boy I will pay all charges and give you my word & honnor that I will fetch him back to the city of New York. The[?] boys mother is very mutch distresd [illegible] him and to tell you the truth I am as mutch for the attachment of the boy was very Great to me

George W Lewis N.Y.

NB. Sir I hope you will do me this favor to Derect a few lians to Mr W. L. in the city of washington the bearer of this. he is a Jentleman of my Aquaintance and will give me Immediate Information of the buisness on receiving yours of which I am in hopes you will do me the favor


please to answer this lian when you receive the letter


Justice Hoffman