Sarah v. Elijah Taylor. Statement of Facts


Jonah Thompson and Francis Peyton under the firm of Thompson and Peyton acting as auctioneers for the town of Alexandria, in the year 1789 or 1790. sold for Alexander Smith a negro woman called Tamur, to a Mr. Taylor of Fairfax County (father of Elijah Taylor).

Tamer was to serve 9 years and no longer, during the time of her service she had a daughter, called Sarah, who has been since the death of Taylor (the purchaser) have claimed as a slave by Elijah Taylor. all the circumstances above related were admitted by Taylor, in a trial in relation to Sarah before Abraham Faw Esqr. some time this Spring.

Fr. Peyton
21st June 1818.


I have examined the case of negro Sarah, and find the facts as stated by Francis Peyton within to be correct & upon this statement, I am of opinion that the petitioner is entitled to her freedom.

Edm: J Lee
22d June 1818