Samuel v. James Green. Affidavit of Robert I. Taylor


On the Petition of Negroe Samuel a pauper for leave to sue in forma pauperis for his freedom

R. I. Taylor assigned as Counsel for the Petitioner to state and report the facts of the case respectfully submits to the Court the following

That from the affidavit of William Patterson and John W. Beedle herewith returned, it appears that the Petitioner has been imported from the state of Maryland to the County of Alexandria in the District of Columbia, and has been kept in the said County at different times more than one year, that it does not appear that the said Petitioners importation comes within any of the Exceptions of the Act of Assembly by which it might be legalized.

It seems therefore to the subscriber that the said Petitioner under the said Importation is entitled to his freedom and ought to be permitted to bring suit for the recovery thereof in forma pauperis against James Green by whom he is detained as a slave

R. I. Taylor

Decr 17, 1818


In the case of negroe Samuel, on Petition for leave to sue in forma pauperis

Report of Atty

Negro Samuel
James Green

1818 Novem: Term 8th day
Robert I. Taylor assigned Attorney for the petitioner to state the facts on which he founds his claim to freedom & to report the same with his opinion thereon to the Court during the present Term

18th day
Robert I. Taylor assigned as Attorney to state &c. This day made his Report which being examined by the Court. The Court are of opinion that the petitioner ought to be permitted to bring suit &c against James Green, & ordered that process be accordingly issued agt. the said James Green.

Decemr. Continued

Feby Continued

March Contd.

April Continued