Samuel v. James Green. Complaint


County of Alexandria &c

Negroe Samuel a pauper complains of James Green in Custody &c of a plea of Trespass, for this that on the first day of June in the year 1818, at the County aforesaid the defendant with force of arms an assault did make on the said plf and the said plf did for a long time falsely imprison that is to say from the said first day of June to the 20th day of December in the same year and other wrongs & injuries he the plf then & there did against the peace & government of the United States, and to the damage of the plaintiff one thousand dollars

R. I. Taylor plf atty


[torn page] of the [torn page] found[?] the Defendant joined[?] for the[?] Defendant
Jno. Pophan

Samuel a Pauper
Jas Green

non anums

(not guilty pleaded[?] & joined

Filg: pet: 26: Ord: 26 Assg. Atto: $.52
Ord: 26 Caps: 18. D. 8. Atto: 8. Tel: 18 .78
5 Cont. 26. ea: 1.30
Swg. Jury 70. Bl: 18 Jd. 18 1.06
Jud: 18. C. 18 .36
H. 20 C. 20. P. 18 .58
Attos: fee 5.