Maria v. William Meade. Affidavit of Abraham Faw


Alexandria County Sst.

Whereas Complaint was made before me one of the Justices of Peace for said County, by Maria a Negroe Woman Stating that she was a Slave the Property of Capt.       Clark who resided in the State of Maryland, and removed her from thence into the State of Virginia, Where She hath been detained for several years; and that she was not entered before some Justice of the Peace within within Sixty Days after such removal According to Law, and that said Maria is now detained as a Slave by William Meade of the Town of Alexandria and by him hath been sold to a Trader for the Purpose of being Carried off a Distance from her Home. and on hearing this Case the said Wm. Meade was adjudged to find sufficient security for the forthcoming of said Maria before the Judges of the Circuit Court at their next session, for the purpose of making Application to bring her Suit for the recovery of her freedom According to Law, which Security the said Maria refuses to give. You are therefore required to receive said Maria into your Custody and her so to keep until the next Court for the purpose aforesaid. Given under my Hand & Seal this 7th Day of June 1816.

A Faw (Seal)

To the Marshall of the District of Columbia