Maria v. William Meade. Complaint


Alexandria County to wit:

Maria (a negro woman) complains of William Meade in custody &c of a plea of trespass on the case. For that the said William Meade at the County aforesaid on the     day of     in the year 1816, with force & arms assauled the plaintiff & then & there took and imprisoned the plaintiff and restrained her of her freedom from the said     day of     1816 until the     day of     in the same year. against the law of the land & against the will of the plaintiff. & other injuries the said William Meade then & here did to the plaintiff against the peace & dignity of the United States, & to the damage of the plaintiff of one hundred dollars & therefore she brings suit &c.

Thomson F Mason
pro que


a negro woman)
Wm Meade


1816. Novr. Term 14th day
petition fd vide capias