Maria v. William Meade. Petition for Freedom


To the honorable the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia sitting for the County of Alexandria, The Petition of Maria (a negro woman) respectfully sheweth, that she was the property of a Capt Cook of the State of Maryland, that as his slave she lived there many years until he removed her from thence several years ago into the town of Alexandria without having at any time made such an entry as is she is informed is required by the law. that she is now detained by William as a slave by William Meade of the town of Alexandria who has attempted to sell her to a trader for the purpose of being carried to a Distance from her family. But she is thus as she is informed & believes entitled to her freedom. Wherfore she prays that she may be permitted to bring suit in forma pauperis for the recovery of her freedom & that counsel may be assigned for her by this honorable court &c

(a negro woman)


The facts set forth in the within petition I am informed can be proved by several credible witnesses, & I am of opinion that upon these facts being made out the petitioner is entitled to he freedom.

Thomson F. Mason

We of the Jury find for the Deft for want of evidence as to the residence of Capt Clarke
Thos Patten

The Master[?] to give secy in $400.