Bazil Thomas v. James Kennedy Jr. Affidavit of Abraham Faw in the Case of Ann


District of Columbia
Alexandria County Sst.

Whereas I have received information from John West, That Francina Turner Decd. held in her Own right Sundry Slaves, Which she directed in his last Will & Testament to be Manumitted at Certain Periods therein Stated, and that Alexanderson Henderson at Present holds two of said People as Slaves Vizt. Anna and her Son T: Dorsey, and it being further Stated that said Henderson intends to embark for Europe, and will in all probability dispose of the said People as Slaves, and may be Carried to a Distance out of the Jurisdiction of this Court, and thereby defeat the intention of the Provisions in said Will, and deprive said Persons of their right to freedom thus granted them.

You are therefore required to have the said Henderson before me or some other Justice of Peace to find Security for his Appearance at the next Court to be holden for said County and that he will not in the meantime Send out of the Jurisdiction of the said Court, or in any manner dispose of said People Contrary to the intention of said Will, until the Court shall take Order respecting them.

Given under my Hand & seal this 17th Day of May 1804

A Faw (Seal)

To any Constable of said County


Judgment that Ann, Alias Big Ann remain in the Custody of the Marshal until released by the Court and that the defendant pay 63 Cent Costs

A Faw
June 26th 1804

U. States