Amie v. Hanson Reno. Affidavit of Robert W. Peacock


The undersigned, being assigned by the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, now sitting for Alexandria County; as Counsell for Negro Amie, who hath petitioned the said Court for permission to sue in forma pauperis; respectfully submits to the court the following Statement and Opinion.

From the affidavits furnished the undersigned, he states that it appears the petitioner in the year 1790 belonged to Elizabeth Marle then a resident of the State of Maryland, & that some time in that year the said Elizabeth Marle removed to the town of Alexandria, then in the Commonwealth of Virginia. That when the said Elizabeth removed to the said Commonwealth, she failed to take the oath prescribed by the Laws of Virginia, respecting the importation of slaves. It appears negro Amie Continued more than one year in the state of Virginia

It appears she is now claimed as a slave by Hanson Reno, of the County of Alexandria, under colour of a bill of sale and assignment, the execution of which on the part of the said Elizabeth Marle, is denied by his affidavit.


Upon the foregoing Statement, the undersigned is of opinion that the petitioner, Negro Amie, is entitled to her Freedom.

Robert W Peacock

13 April 1802

Negro Amie
Hanson Reno

Affidavit & opinion

1802. April Term, leave granted to commence a suit, & Rob: W. Peacock assigned as counsel, bond & Scy. to be given in the sum of $400. to have her forthcomg to answer the Jud: of the Court. and Contd.
May Contd.
June Nt. Gt. Jd.

1803 June Term, Jury sworn & Verdict for plt. 1 Cent Damages &c. and Judgt. accordingly
no Costs allowed