Amie v. Hanson Reno. Petition for Freedom


To the Honorable the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, for Alexandria County, now sitting,

The Petition of Negro Amie, respectfully sheweth,

The she conceives herself illegally detained as as slave by Hanson Reno of the County of Alexandria, inn Keeper.

That your petitioner formerly belonged to a certain Elizabeth Marle, whom removed from the head of Elk in the State of Maryland to the town of Alexandria then in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and that she said Elizabeth Marle, failed to comply with the Laws of the said Commonwealth, by omitting to enter with the Clerk of the Court. Your petitioner — Whereby your petitioner is advised she became entitled to her freedom under the laws of Virginia.

Your petitioner therefore prays the honorable Court to allow her to sue therein, in forma pauperis, for the recovery of her freedom.

And your petitioner as in duty bound &c.


Petition of Negro Amie