Jane Slaughter v. George Cruse & Solomon Sparrow. Release from Slavery


Whereas Jane Slaughter (A Negroe Woman) which was brought from Maryland to the State of Virginia, and it is Alledged she was not entered According to Law, and for which she was permitted to institute her suit for freedom Against Myself and others. Now know ye that I George Cruse of the Town of Alexandria in the District of Columbia, for myself my Heirs Ectrs and Admrs, do release, acquit exonerate and forever Discharge said Jane Slaughter, from my Servitude, Claim or Demand of Servitude of her the said Jane, and I do hereby Authorize and require the Clerk of the Court to enter this on the Docket, Which shall be considered an entire full and clear release to All intents and purposes whatsoever

In Witness whereof I have hereto set my Hand and Seal this 21st Day of August 1809.

Geo Cruse (seal)

A Faw s
Jas. Campbell s


G. Cruse
Jane Slaughter