James v. James Campbell. Petition for Freedom


To the Honourable the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia sitting for the County of Alexandria

Humbly shewing unto yr Honours, your petitioner James, a negro man, that in September 1806, a certain William Brogdin an inhabitant of Maryland yr petitioners master, committed your petitioner in to the custody of Mr James Campbell of Alexandria where he has been detained for upwards of twelve months, by reason whereof yr petitioner supposes himself intitled to his freedom. He therefore humbly petitions yr Honours to be permitted to sue in forma pauperis in the Honourable Court for his freedom.


Negro James petition

James Campbell

Leave is granted to the petitioner to sue in forma pauperis for his freedom

Geo. Youngs is assignd as counsel for the petitioner, who made his return of statemt. of the facts in the case & his opinion theeupon whereupon process is [illegible] agt. Jas Campbell