Sylvia v. George Coryell. Petitioner's Bill of Exceptions


Memorandum in this case it was proved that in the month Augt 1789, that the pltf being then the slave of the deft. who was at that time living Alexandria, was [strikethrough] sent to the state of Pennsylvania by the defendants directions it was also proved that after being thus carried out of the state of Virginia she remained out of the state after a she remained about from Virga for two years, where she was when after the expiration of the said two years there was brought back to [illegible] back in Alexandria by Mrs Coryll the wife of the deft & has remained in the said town in the possession of the Defendant ever since, who [strikethrough] claims her as his a slave; That the plff was born within The State of Virga & remained a slave Therein untill she was sent Therefrom as aforesd, & after her return as aforesd; That at the time she was sent out of This comwlth as aforesd she was not more Than 6 years of age; That The deft did not at any time depart from his   property or Estate in the plff In any manner whatever either qualified or absolute, to any person out of this Comwth or during her absence therefrom; nor does it appear in Evidence that the deft ever received any profit or hire for the plff during her absence from this Comwlth

upon the foregoing facts the plt's counsel prayed the opinion of the court whether the importation aforesaid was not such an importation as may was not as intitles the plf to her freedom. and the court gave it as their opinion being divided, the plt's counsel excepted to the opinion & prayed that this their bill may[?] signed sealed & enrolled, which accordingly is done.

Chs. Alexander junr. (seal)
Amos Alexander (seal)
George Taylor (seal)
George Slacum (seal)