Fanny Smith v. Joseph Thornton. Affidavit of Delia Jenkins


District of Columbia
Alexandria County Sct.

Personally appeared before me one of the Justices of Peace for the County Aforesaid Delia Jenkins who made Oath according to Law. That she lived in St. Mary's County State of Maryland about Twelve years ago. That she there was well acquainted with a Black Girl Named Fanny Smith, the one who is now present petitioning for her freedom from Joseph Thornton, and that she was then a slave to a Robert Fenwick, who removed her from said County to the State of Kentucky as this deponant was informed, and believes, and that between three or four years thereafter Joseph Fenwick, the son of Robert bought her back from Kentucky into the state of Maryland into St Mary's County, where she remained about a Month, and then took her back to Alexandria where she was informed the said fenwick sold her. This Declaration she heard made by the said Joseph to one of his Brothers and Brothers wife in her presence

Given under my Hand this 12th Day of September 1807

A Faw


Deliah Jenkins