Loudon v. Charles Scott. Transcript


Pleas before the Honorable the Judges of the United States Circt. Ct. of the Dist. Columbia for the County of Alexa. at the Courthouse of the said County the 3rd day of April in the Year of Our Lord 1805.

Negro London (A Pauper) Plt.
Charles Scott. Deft.

Be it Remembered that heretofore to wit, At U.S.C.C.C. Alexa. the 7th day of July A.D. 1804, On the Motion of Negro London a black man, setting forth that he is illegally detained by a certain Charles Scott, It is Ordered, that Thomas Swann be assigned as Counsel, to state and report his Case to this Court.

Afterwards to wit, the 19th July in the year last mentd. On the petition of Negro London setting forth that he is illegally detained in bondage by a certain Charles Scott, which Peto. is in the words & figures following towit. (Copy Peto.) And the Court having assigned Thos. Swann as his Counsel to report a statement of facts with his opinion thereupon, and the said Counsel having reported that it his opinion that the said Negro is intitled to his freedom accompanied with a statement of the said facts, which statement follows in these words & figures to wit (Copy Statemt. facts) Whereupon leave is granted the said Negro London to commence a suit in forma pauperis for his freedom, and the sd. Thos. Swann is assigned as Counsel to prosecute the same.

Afterwards to wit, the 20th July in the year last mentd., On the Motion of the Plt. by his Attorney, It is Ordered, that the sd. Deft. do give Security in the Sum of $600 to have the sd. Plaintiff forthcoming to answer the Judgment of the Court in this suit, and It is further Ordered, that the Said Plaintiff be taken into the Custody of the Marshal   until the said Bond is given in the Clk's office of this Court.

Afterwards to wit, the 15th Decr. in the year last aforesd On the Motion of the Plt. by his Atto., It is Ordered, that an Issue be made up in this cause, and the suit tried on friday next.

Afterwards, to wit At the Rules held in the Clerk's Office of the said County for the month of Decr. in the year last aforesd., Came the Plt. aforesd. by his said Atto. and filed his declaration agt. the sd. Deft in the words following to wit (Copy Narro.) And Nt. Gt. Jd.

Afterwards to wit, At a U.S.C.C.D.C. contd. & held by adjournment for the County of Alexandria the 3d Apl. in the year first hereafd. mentd. 1805, By Consent Dedimus[?] to issue on application of either party, directed to any two Magistrates of the County where the depositions are to be taken, notice of time & place of taking such depositions to be given to the Party or Counsel.

Afterwards to wit, the 20th day of Decr. in the year last afd. Came the parties afd. by their Attornies and thereupon came also a Jury to wit (Vide Minute Book.) who being to speak the truth of the premises being elected tried, and sworn & affd. upon their oath & affirmation do say that the Plt. hath sustained damages by reason of the premises to One Cent.

Therefore It is considered, that the sd. Plt. recover agt. the sd. Deft. his damages aforesd. by the Jurors aforesaid in form aforesaid assessed.

And the sd. Deft. in Mercy &c



Negro London (a pauper)
Charles Scott

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