Loudon v. Charles Scott. Complaint


County of Alexandria to wit;

Negroe Loudon complains of Charles Scott in custody &c. of a plea, For that the said defendant on the first day of June in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight hundred and four at the County of Alexandria aforesaid ma with force and arms made an assault upon the said Plaintiff and him the said Plt. did then and there beat wound and unlawfully imprison and other wrongs to the said Plt. then and there did to the great damage of the said Plt. and against the peace and government of the United States. Wherefore the said Plaintiff saith he is injured and hath sustained damage to the value of one thousand dollars. therefore he brings suit &c

Swann for the Plf.

Pledges &c
J. Doe
R. Roe


We agree that the real matter in dispute in this action is whether the plff (who is held in slavery by the Deft and sues in forma pauperis

We of the Jury find for the Plff & assess his damages to one Cent Damages
W Yeator[?]