Loudon v. Charles Scott. Affidavit of Thomas Swann


Negroe Loudon who has applied to this Court for leave to institute a suit for his Freedom appears to have been brought from Maryland to the Town of Alexandria in or about the month of August 1802. He was brought by Charles Scott Senr. and kept in Alexandria as his property untill the time of his death which happened a little before Christmas 1802. After the death of Charles Scott Senr. negroe Loudon still continued in Alexandria and remained in Alexa. untill the spring of the year 1803 when Charles Scott the son of Charles Scott Senr. came to Alexandria and claimed him as his property and shortly after entered him before A. Faw Esqr. after this the and said Charles Scott has continued the said negroe in the said Town and has to the present time and has claimed and held him as his slave.

From the above statement of facts it seems to me probable that Negroe Loudon Became intitled to his Freedom by the removal above mentioned

Tho. Swann
July 15. 1804.


[illegible] 21st day

Negro Loudon
Chs. Scott

Statement of T. Swann