Kitty Lemon v. Ebenezer Bacon. Petition for Freedom


To the Hon'ble the Circuit Court of the United States for the Dist of Columbia for the County of Alexa. Your petitioner Catherine (alias Kitty) Lemon by Nelly Lemon her mother and next friend represents to the Court that she is illegally detained as a slave by Ebenezer Bacon of the town of Alexandria. Your petitioner in or about the year 1800 or 1801 belonging to Lanty Crowe who at that time resided in the County of Alexa. in the District of Columbia, who sold the said Nelly to one John Bayne of Prince Georges County in the State of Maryland, by whom she was removed to the said County and State sometime in the year 1802 or 1803. That her said mother before the birth of your petitioner was kept as a slave in the said County and State after her said removal for more than one year, in violation of the laws of Maryland. Your petitioner states that her mother and several of the children of her said mother at the May term 1832 of the Circuit Court for the County of Washington in the Dist. of Columbia recovered their freedom by a judgment of the said Court, in consequence of the said illegal detention removal and detention of her said mother by the said Bayne in the State of Maryland. Your petitioner was born about the year 1818 or 1819. Your petitioner prays that she may be allowed to sue in forma pauperis in your Hon'ble Court for the recovery of her freedom

Kitty Lemon
by Nelly Lemon her next friend


Kitty Lemon
Ebenezer Bacon
petition for freedom

I have examined the facts herein stated and believe the petitioner entitled to her freedom
Wm L. Hodgson

1832 Oct. Term, 10th day
Wm L. Hodgson appointed counsel, to report &c who reported &c & leave given to sue in forma paup. & caps. [illegible] immedly.