William v. Stephen Cantrell. Statement of Facts


Statement in the case of Negro William

On the 14th of February 1805 John Brown purchased negro William of Daniel Bishop late of this Town and transported him to the State of North Carolina where he detained him in his service several days; when he eloped and returned to the District of Columbia and was sold by Abner Wilburn agent for John Brown on the 1st day of June 1805 to John Hodgkins in whose employ he remained upwards of twelve months and was again sold by the said Hodgkins to one Stephen Cantrell at the time of the sale of the said William to the said Hodgkins the latter entered into the annexed article of agreement in which he covenanted not to dispose of William without previously applying to the Mayor of Alexandria and obtaining the certificates therein required; William contends that he is entitled to his freedom

1st Because he was imported into the District of Columbia contrary to the Statute of Virginia prohibiting the importation of slaves into the State of Virginia, since adopted by the Congress of the United States is the Law of the County of Alexandria

2 Because by the annexed Article of Agreement he was to be emancipated if the said Hodgkins made any disposition of him without previously obtaining the certificates of the mayor   of Alexandria County of his being sold "a reasonable distance" or of his being "convicted of some crime"

We think from the above statement that he is entitled to his freedom

It seems to me from the above Statement that he is entitled to his freedom
N Herbert


Statement in the case of negro William