William v. Stephen Cantrell. Statement of Facts


Negroe William a pauper who sues to recover his freedom against Stephen Cantrel

On the trial of this cause the plf to support the issue on his part joined proved that in the year 1805 he had been a slave the property of one Daniel Bishop residing within the County of Alexandria where the said slave was also held. That in that year the said Bishop had sold the said slave at Alexandria to one John Brown an Inhabitant of the State of North Carolina, by whom he was removed from Alexandria to that State. That after being in the State of North Carolina for four or five days the said Slave eloped and within on month returned to Alexandria where against the consent of said Brown that the said Slave was sold by the said Brown to one Abner Wilburn by whom he was sold to one John Hodgkins of Alexandria in the said Town. That whilst he belonged to the said John Hodgkins and within the said John on the fourth day of June 1809, executed the following instrument. here insert   it). That on the first day of February 1808[?]. at the said Town of Alexandria the said John Hodgkins for a full and adequate consideration sold & delivered the said slave to the defdt Stephen Cantrell. That after the Institution of this suit the said John Hodgkin and Stephen Cantrell rescinded their said contract of sale. And that since his elopement in the year 1805 the said plf has continued to reside in the Town of Alexandria

To which evidence defdt demurs and plf joins in Demmur. The Demmurer to be hereafter drawn up in form
R. I. Taylor for defdt
N. Herbert


Statement in the case of negro William