Lucy Dickson v. Charles Slade. Complaint


County of Alexandria towit.

Negro Negroe Lucy complains of Charles Slade in custody &c of a plea; For that the said defendant on the       day of       in the year of our Lord 180     at the County aforesaid with force and arms did make an assault upon the said Plf. and her the said Plf. did then and there beat and Falsely imprison and other wrongs and injuries to the said Plf. then and there did to the great damage of the said Plaintiff and against the peace and government of the United States Wherefore the said Plaintiff saith she is injured and hath sustained damage to the value of $500. Therefore he brings suit &c

Swann for the Plf.

Pledges &c.
J. Doe
R. Roe


Negro Lucy
Charles Slade


1806. July Term 3d day on the Plaintiffs motion it is ordered that this Suit be set for trial on the fourteenth day of this Term.