Jacob v. Stephen Cooke. Complaint


Corporation of Alexandria towit

Negro Jacob an inhabitant of the town of Alexandria & within the Jurisdiction of this Court Complains of Stephen Cooke Stephen also an inhabitant of the same place within the Jurisdiction this Court in Custody &c for this to wit, that [strikethrough] the said deft. on the day of     in the year       at Alexandria aforesaid and within the Jurisdiction of this Court, with force & arms, towit, with staves, swords & knives made an assault upon the said plff, and beat, wounded & treated him ill, whereby the said plff was in great danger of losing his life, and then & there did other injuries to the said plff against the peace & dignity of this Commonwealth and to the damage of the said plff of fifty dollars & therefore he brings suit &c

Faw for the plff
J Doe
R Roe pledges &c.


Negro Jacob
" Stephen

T B.[?] Nar.