Charles v. Henry Nicholson. Affidavit of Henry Moore


District of Columbia
Alexandria County to wit

Before me a Justice of the Peace for said County, came Henry Moore who made Oath that on the 26th day of August 1801, Henry Nicholson of Alexandria aforesaid acknowledged in his presence that negro Charles theretofore his slave should be a free man from that day; and signed the annexed Writing which contains a Clause to that effect. and the Deponent is well informed that the said Henry Nicholson hath lately sold the said Negro Charles as a slave for life to a man by the name of Brown from one of the Southern States.

Given under my Hand this 24th day of May 1805
A Faw


Negro Charles
Henry Nicholson

Petition for Freedom

1805. June Term, 4o.[?] day, on the Petition of the Plf. leave is granted him to commence a suit in forma pauperis, & Walter Jones Jr. is assigned as counsel to prosecute the same & ord: to report a Statement of facts before a Caps. Issues.

19th. On Motion of Deft. It is ordered that Negro Charles now in Jail and who was heretofore convicted in this Court of Burglary but since pardoned, be delivered into the possession of the said Nicholson he the said Nicholson being the person who was alledged in the Indictment of Burglary aforesaid against the said slave to be the bearer[?] thereof, on his paying the Goalers fees