Dinah v. Sarah Redman. Complaint


Alexandria County to wit;

Negore Dinah complains of Sarah Redman in Custody &c. of a plea; for that whereas the said deft. on the       day of       in the year of our Lord       with Force and Arms, to wit, with Swords and Staves made an assault upon the said pltf at       in the County aforesaid and then and there beat, wounded, and imprisoned her and kept her in prison there for a long time, to with for the space of       and [torn page] injuries to her the said pltf. then and there did against the [torn page] Government of the United States and the Damage of [torn page] Pltf. Fifty Dollars

Therefore she [torn page] &c.

Swann P. Quer.

Pledges &c.
J. Doe
R. Roe


Negro Dinah