Rose v. James Kennedy Jr. Order for New Trial


Negro Rose vs. Kennedy

Joe vs same

Harry vs same

In these causes, Walter Jones Jr., who was assigned by the court as counsel to the plffs serving in forma pauperis, according to the act of assembly directing the mode of procedure on the part of persons conceiving themselves illegally detained in slavery, made affidavit That he had discovered, since the court when the verdicts & demurrer to Evidence were had in the sd causes, material Evidence for the plffs, of which he the sd Walter Jones, and he believes the plffs themselves, were entirely ignorant at the former tryal of the sd causes when the sd verdicts were given & the sd demurrer to Evidence filed; and upon Examination, it appearing to the court that such new discovered Evidence, is material for the plffs. on the motion of the plff's sd counsel, a new tryal of the sd causes is granted, the demurrer to Evidence set aside and a venire facias de novo awarded; to which proceeding [missing pages]


Negro Rose &c


We of the Jury find for the defendant.
Thos Patten