Kitty & Harriet v. Nehemiah Hicks & Susanna Bacon. Petition for Habeas Corpus


To the Honorable the Judges of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the County of Washington.

The petition of Nelly Lemon and her children respectfully represent that the file Thomas, Lavenia, Betsey, Dennis, Amy Harriet and Kitty by Judgment of said Court at the present term obtained their freedom from a certain John Bayne that they are now still held in possession and bondage by Nehemiah W Hicks and M Susanna Bacon in the Town of Alexandria who are relations as she is informed of said Doctr Bayne. She therefore prays Your honors to grant unto her the United States Writ of Hab. Corpus commanding them to bring the said children before Your honors to be delt[?] with according to Law

Sworn to in Open Court this 27th June 32.

on this

Test. Wm Brent Clk



Nehemiah Hicks

filed 26th June 1832