Charlotte v. Henry Clay. Defendant's Interrogatories to James Conden


Interrogatories to be put to James Conden a witness to be examined on the part of the defendant, in Cause now pending in the circuit court of the United States for the District of Columbia and county of Washington, in which negro Lotty for herself and children is petitioner for freedom, and Henry Clay is defendant

1. Did you sell, and if yea, when and at what Price, a negro woman named Lotty or charlotte to Henry Clay the defendant in this case

2. Where was she born, when; from, and to what place was she removed

3 Was she born a slave, and if so, did she so continue until you sold her

4. Was her mother free, and if so, when and how did she become free

5 Have you any interest in the result of this controversy, and if not, how have you become disinterested

6. State all you know concerning Lotty

Geo. W. Dawson
defts atty

Mr Brent,
please files this in the case of Lotty vs H. Clay & let a copy go with the commission to Messrs Erwin & Carroll.

Geo W. Dawson
for deft

13th Aug. 1829


Filed 13 August 1829.