Charlotte v. Henry Clay. Agreement


In the case of negro Lotty for herself & children petitioner for freedom against Henry Clay in the circuit court of the United States for the district of Columbia & County of Washington, it is agreed that commissions shall issue to commissioners to be hereafter named by us, at Cambridge or else where in Maryland and Lexington Kentucky, to take the testimony of such witnessess as shall be named by us, at either place, upon interrogatories to be filed by the counsel for the petitioner or defendant, a list of witnesses to be named by either [strikethrough] party, with a copy of interrogatories to be put, to be furnished by either party to the other ten days before they are sent, so as to give an opportunity to file cross interrogatories. [strikethrough]

Robert Beale
Geo. W. Dawson
30th June 1829


Negro Lotty & others
Henry Clay


fd 30 June 1829