Rebecca v. Lloyd Pumphrey. Defendant's Bill of Exceptions


Be it remembered that at the trial of this cause, the defendants counsel moved the Court to instruct the Jury, that a [strikethrough] sale of a slave within the district aforesaid was not a violation of the within the purview of the Statute of Maryland entitled an act relating to negroes and to repeal the acts of assembly therein mentioned [illegible] passed on the 31. Decr. 1796, provided the [illegible] and intention of both purchaser and seller were that the slave so purchased should be carried forward[?] out of the district into which instruction the court refused to give to which which refusal on the part of the court the deft by his counsel excepts and prays the court to sign and seal this his bill of exceptions in order that the same may be made part of the Record in this Cause.