Rebecca v. Lloyd Pumphrey. Affidavit of Lloyd Pumphrey


Circuit Court of U. States in and for the County of Washington in the District of Columbia

Negro Rebecca & Children

On Motion for New Trial

Lloyd Pumphrey the abovenamed defendant, being duly sworn according to law deposed and says, that since the trial of the above cause he has discovered new and important testimony before unknown to him, by which as he verily believes it will be in his power to shew in another trial of the aforesaid case that Thomas Spurling from whom he derives title to said negroes did actually and bona fide change his residence from Virginia to Georgetown in the District of Columbia, about the same time with the removal of said negroes, and that he continued actually and bona fide to reside in Georgetown for a considerable period of time. That he believes that he shall be able fully to substantiate said facts by at least two competent witnesses; and that he has reason to believe from the representations made to him by some of the Jurors who tried the cause, that they were induced to give their verdict in consequence of what they conceived a defect of testimony to establish this point.

Lloyd Pumphrey

Subscribed and Sworn to, before me this 11th day of January 1825.
Wm Hewitt Jpeace


fd. 11 Jany 1825