Rebecca v. Lloyd Pumphrey. Affidavit of Sally Williams


Dist of Columbia Washington, County Towit:

On this 14th January 1825 personally appears before me one of the justices of the peace in & for the County aforesaid Sally Williams & makes oath on the holy evangely of Almighty God that she has known negro Rebecca & her children who have petitioned for their freedom against Lloyd Pumphry, in the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, for Washington County, for many years, that she knew them before they came to George Town & when they lived in Fairfax County, State of Virginia, & were owned by Thomas Spurling. That the said Thomas Spurling she has also known for many years. That at the time & for some time previous to Negroe Rebecca's removal to George Town with her children, about five years ago this Deponent was living in George Town, & that the said Spurling was in the constant habit of visiting her whenever he came to town & always made their house his [strikethrough] visiting place when in town. That this said Spurling did not come to George Town with the said negroes. And that she never heard or knew   of his residing in George Town or of his ever having real intent. That in February following the removal of said negroes the said Spurling called at this Deponents house in George Town, & Stated he was on his way to the lower part of Virginia to cut wood. In the March next following this Deponent removed from George Town to Fairfax, On the place which Spurling had occupied. That about fishing time of that year the said Spurling returned to Fairfax & came to the place then occupied by this Deponent, where he lived for some time untill he was removed in consequence of witness to a Mr Sewall, his brother in law in the neighborhood. That on the return of Spurling he said he had been down into Virginia cutting wood for a Mr Lee & never did mention his residing in George Town. That this Dept. has [strikethrough] known him [illegible], & that he has continued to reside in Fairfax, Virginia & that the said Negroes have continued to reside here in George Town, ever since their her removal.

Sally Williams
her mark


Sworn to and subscribed before me
Walter Newton


Negro Rebecca for herself & children
Lloyd Pumphrey


Mr Brent will file this afft. in behalf of Petrs.
agt. new trial

Tho: Turner atty

filed 14th Jany. 1825