Delia v. Thomas Offutt. Defendant's Bill of Exceptions


Delia & children
Thos. Offutt

On the trial of this case the Dft having offered Evidence that the Petitioner Delia was acquired by the Dft by marriage, or in the course of distribution, pray the Ct. to instruct the Jury that If they Jury should believe from the evidence that deft acquired the petitioner by marriage in the state of Virginia, or in the cause of distribution that the subsequent importation of her from Virginia to Maryland without complying with the formalities of the recording required by the 8th 11th Sec. of the Act of 1796 ch 67. shd not entitle the petitioner to her freedom: which instruction the Court refused to give, & the Dft excepted to such refusal, & this his bill of exceptions is signed sealed and ordered to be enrolled this 6th day of January 1816.

W. Cranch (seal)

B: Thruston (seal)



Delia & children

Bill of Excepts.


filed 6th Jany 1816.