Mary Vigel v. Robert K. Nevitt. Summons of Robert K. Nevitt


District of Columbia, to wit:
The United States of America,
To the Marshal of the District of Columbia—Greeting:

We command you that you take summon Robert K. Nevitt late of Washington County, if shall be within the County of Washington in your said District, and safely keep, so that you have bod before the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, to be held for the County aforesaid, at the City of Washington, on the 4th Monday of March Inst. next, to answer unto the petition for freedom of Mary Vigal

Hereof fail not, at your peril, and have you then and there this writ.

Witness, W. Cranch Esquire, Chief Judge of our said Court, at the City of Washington, the 3d. day of Jan'y Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and 54.

Issued the 24t day of March 1854.

Jno: A. Smith Clk



504. 638 349. 252. 209. 390.

Mary Vigal
Robert K. Nevitt

1 Bre

Pet. for Freed.

J. D. Hoover

Over Eastern Branch