Lewis Gassaway & Charity Gassaway v. Adam Rose. Petition for Freedom


To the Honorable the Judges of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia:

The Petition of Lewis Gassaway and Charity his wife negroes of the city of Washington & District aforesaid, respectfully sheweth unto your Honors. That your Petitioners were prior to the first day of January in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and fifty six, resident in the State of Virginia and then and there held in servitude as the slaves of one Spottiswood Grigsby a resident of the said state; That on or about the said first day of January the said Spottiswood Grigsby sold your Petitioner to one Adam Rose a resident of the City of Washington in the District aforesaid, and that your Petitioners were on or about the said first day of January brought into the said District to reside as the proper slaves and property of the said Adam Rose against the law in such case and the form of the statute in such cases made and provided; and your petitioners are advised and have reason to believe that by reason of their said illegal importation into the District aforesaid and produces the reasons sufficient in law they are free and discharged from their said servitude and are unjustly held in bondage by the said Adam Rose; and that they might of right and Justice to be relieved from their said servitude; and to that end your Petitioners humbly   pray that your Honors will entertain jurisdiction of this their Petition, and inquire into the legality of their said detention in bondage and that a subpoena may be directed to the said Adam Rose commanding him to appear before this honorable Court and file his answer to this their petition; and such other relief as may be meet and proper in the premises; and your Petitioners will ever pay &c.

Carlisle & Maury


535. 387

Lewis Gassaway & Charity his wife
Adam Rose

Pet. for freedom

Mr. Smith will please file this
Carlisle & Maury

Filed 10th September 1856