Joseph Green v. Henry Green & Peter Wheeler. Petition for Freedom


To the Hon. the Judges of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for Washington County

The petition of Joseph Green a free man of colour of Washington City District of Columbia respectfully represents— that he has been claimed by one Henry Green his father also a free man of colour of said City and District as his slave. And that his said father has employed agents, one Peter Wheeler with others to take[?] forcible possession of him and carry him beyond the said District and sell him into slavery.

Wherefore, he prays that the same may be enquired of by your Honours and such relief granted to him as to your Honours may seem right, proved[?], legal and equitable

And as is Duty bound he will ever pray &c

Edward C. Carrington
Counsel for Petitioner


108 112 127 525. 336 295 181 198 199. 107 99. 82 139 137

Joseph Green
Henry Green & Peter Wheeler

petition for freedom

The clerk will file this petition and issue subpoena
Edward C. Carrington
Counsel for pet.
Sept 5th 1856

Filed 5t Septr. 1856.