Mary Ann Bond et al. v. Thomas C. Magruder. Petitioners' Bill of Exceptions


If from the whole evidence aforesaid the Jury shall be of opinion that the ancestress of the Petitioners was the property of Susanna Mareman that at the death of said Susanna; that said Susanna executed and [illegible] the said Will, & the said was admitted to probate; that after the death of said Susanna the said Anne went in into possession of said slave the ancestress of this Petitioners, & afterwards married Thomas Booth still at the time of such marriage owning & possessing said slave; that all the Petitioners were born after the death of said Susannah, and before the death of said Thomas Booth and were in the possession of said Thomas Booth at his death   that said Thomas Booth die left the said will purporting to be his & the same was admitted to probate, that said Anne survived her said husband, and during her life time executed the said deed of manumission then the petitioners are not free.

Which instruction the Court gave as prayed: Whereupon the Petitioners except & pray the Court to sign & seal their bill of exceptions which is accordingly done the 21st day of April 1854

James S Morsell (seal)
Jas. Dunlop (seal)