Ellen Johnson v. Morris Adler. Jury Instructions


If the Jury believe From the evidence aforesaid that the Petitioner was the slave of Thomas Turner decd senr. in his lifetime: that he died in or prior to the year 1816 leaving the Petition as a part of his Estate; that she was returned in the Inventory made by his Exrs in the year 1816: That the second Executor settled their 1st account aforesaid in the Orphans Court in 1816: & the another acct aforesaid in 1821: and that no subsequent account appears by the records or files of said Court to have been settled in said Estate: and that the Defendant's intestate Thomas Turner Jr. was the son and one of the distributees of said estate: and that prior to the year 1831, the said Thomas Turner Jr. was in [illegible] possession of the petitioner claiming her as his slave; then it is competent for the Jury to find from the evidence aforesaid, if the same shall so satisfy them, that the said Thomas Turner Jr. had become & was, in & prior to said year 1831, the sole owner of said petitioner, by distribution or otherwise: and if they shall so find, then if they



16 17. 48
48. Trials Oct. 1853

Ellen Johnson
Morris Adler adr of Thomas Turner