Ellen Johnson v. Morris Adler. Defendant's 4th Bill of Exceptions


Ellen Johnson & others
Morris Adler admr of Tho Turner decd.

On the trial of the above cause this Defendant to support the issue on his part offered evidence by a competent witness testimony to prove that the [strikethrough] petitioners [strikethrough] resided near him on an adjoining lot & had been well known by him for many about 15 years. That they were generally understood & reputed to be the slaves of the late Thomas Turner & not free people. to which said Evidence so offered by the Defendant the Petitioners by their counsel objected & the court refused to permit the same to be given & thereupon the Defendant excepts thereato & prays the court to sign & seal this his fourth bill of exceptions which is done accordingly this 11 Decr 1849

W. Cranch (seal)
Jas. S. Morsell (seal)


Defendants 4th Exception relating to the offer to prove general reputation as to the freedom or slavery of the Petitioners

not in this case