Mary Taylor et al. v. James M. A. Mushett. Petition for Freedom


To The Hon the Judges of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for Washington County

The Petitioners Mary Taylor, Henry Taylor, Emily Taylor and Ida Taylor by their next friend Sandy Alexander respectfully represent unto your Honors that they are illegally held in bondage and claimed as slaves by James M A Mushett and your Petitioners pray your Honors to have grant unto your Petitioners the usual subpoena against the said James M A Mushett & to hear & determine their right to freedom & your Petitioners will ever pray &c.

Chas S Wallach
for Petitioners


305 227. 197. 150 179.

Mary. Emily Henry & Ida Taylor by their next friend Sandy Alexander
Jas M A Mushett

Petition for Freedom

File this Petition & issue as above
C S Wallach
for Petitioners

Filed 28th Sept 1853