Melvina Carter & Mary Ellen Carter v. Elizabeth Gordon. Petition for Freedom


To the Hon. the Judges of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for Washington County

The Petition of Melvina Carter & Mary Ellen Carter respectfully sheweth unto your Honors that some time in the year 18[ink] some twenty to twenty five years since your Petitioner the said Melvina Carter was sent from the county of Alexandria then in the District of Columbia to the city of Washington to reside therein & that she hath resided therein ever since as free until the present time & that since she your petitioner the said Melvina Carter was so sent to reside in said City your Petitioner the said Mary Ellen Carter has been born of her the said Melvina Carter her mother, & that both your said Petitioners have so resided & in the said Melvina Carter came so to reside in said City by & with the consent & permission of the then owner of the said Melvina Carter your said Petitioner, that Elizabeth Gordon the said former owner of your said Petitioner the said Melvina Carter now claims both your said Petitioners as slaves & is about about to convey them away out of the   jurisdiction of this court. Your petitioners are advised that by the laws of this District they are free & they pray that a subpoena against the said Elizabeth Gordon may issue. that your petitioners rights may be tried.

Chas S Wallach
for Petitioners

324 1 74

Melvinia Carter & Mary Ellen Carter
Elizabeth Gordon

Pet for Freedom

file this & issue as above
CS Wallach
for Petitioners

Filed 20th September 1852