Mary Prior v. Edward Coles. Petition for Freedom


Dist of Columbia County of Washington

To the honorable the Judges of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the County of Washington

The Petition of Mary Prior a woman of colour humbly sheweth to your honors, that your petitioner is entitled to her freedom yet nevertheless is sought to be held in slavery by a certain Edward Coles secretary to the Prest. of the United States

Wherefore your Petitioner humbly prays your honors to enquire into the circumstances of her case and upon a due and lawful hearing of the same to grant her such relief as to your honors may seem right and further that your honors would grant her such process as will cause the said Edward Coles to appear before your honors and make answer to this her petition

And your Petitioner will ever pray

John Marbury
Sol: for the Petitioner




Petition of Mary Prior

Filed 14 Feby 1815.