Susan Diggs v. Jane Cockrell. Petition for Freedom


Susan Diggs
Jane Cockrell.

Petition for Freedom.

Susan Diggs by D. A. Hall her attorney, to the Hon. The Judges of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, humbly sets forth and makes known that she is claimed and unlawfully held in slavery by Jane Jane Cockrell, of the City of Washington, in violation of her rights as a free woman, and she prays that she the said Jane may be duly summoned to come before your Honourable Court, and show cause, if any she has why she, your petitioner should not be discharged from Slavery, and from all claim by or on behalf of the said Jane, by her executors, administrators and assigns.

D.A. Hall
For Petitioner.



Susan Diggs
Jane Cockrell

Petition for freedom.

Filed 21 May 1852.