Patt v. Gerard T. Greenfield & Thomas Greenfield. Petition for Freedom


To the Honorable the Judges of the Circuit Court of the United States for the District of Columbia in the County of Washington,

The Petitions of negress Patty, and of negress Hannah an infant under the age of twenty one years by her mother & next friend Patty and of Negress Patty and infant under the age of twenty one years by her next friend Patty, respectfully shew,

That your Petitioners are justly entitled to their freedom, but are detained in slavery by Thomas Greenfield and Gerard Greenfield or one of them contrary to law. Your Petitioners therefore pray that they may be released from slavery, and that they may have prossess & enjoy their freedom to which by law they are justly entitled.

Your Petitioners further pray that a summons may issue to the said Thomas Greenfield & Gerard Greenfield & their confederates upon discovered in the usual form & so forth & that they be compelled to enter into the usual recognizance &c. and that such further & other relief may be given to your Petitioners as to your honors may seen meet & as by law & justice they are entitled. And your Petitioners will ever pray &c.

Hannah & Patty by their next friend Patty.

E.B. Caldwell Atty. for Petrs.


275. 216. 245. 196.

Patty, Hannah & Patty
Thos. Greenfield & Gerard Greenfield

Petn. for freedom

Please to issue summons on the within Petition.

Wm Brent Esqr. Clk

filed 7th Decr. 1809