Patt v. Gerard T. Greenfield & Thomas Greenfield. Agreement Re. Gabriel Greenfield Deposition


It is admitted, that Gerard T. Greenfield was boarded out in Maryland, for the last ten or twelve years, preceeding the year 1808, (when in May 1808 he moved to, and settled in the City of Washington,) pursuing his stoudies, the former part of which time, at Charlotte Hall Acadamy, in the State of Maryland; and after he had finished his academical stoudies in the State of Maryland, he the commenced the stoudy of physic with Doctor Mayhall, who resided in Piscataway in the State of Maryland, and so there continued the stoudy of physic, except in the winters of the years 1805, 1806 and 1807, when he attended the medical lectures in Philadelphia, until he came to, and settled in the City of Washington as aforesaid, in May 1808. That said Greenfield returned from Philadelphia, from attending the medical lectures as aforesaid in 1808 to the State of Maryland and from thence came to the City of Washington as aforesaid.

This is to be explanatory of such parts of the Deposition of Gabriel Greenfield as its subject matter may refer to.

EB Caldwell aty. for Petrs.
Ja Porter for Deft.


Filed 30 June 1810