Ralph Taylor v. James C. McGuire. Petitioners' Second Bill of Exceptions


And thereupon the court instructed the Jury as follows: (here insert B)

And the Petitioners by their counsel except to the same and pray the court to sign and seal this their second Bill of Exceptions and to cause the same to be enrolled according to the statute which is done accordingly this 1st day of December 1832.

Jas. S. Morsell (seal)
Jas. Dunlop (seal)



Defts Exceptions


If the jury shall find from the whole evidence, that Mr. Todd from the year '46 made this District his place of residence till the time of his death & made his will here, they may infer, that he abandoned his domicil in Va & acquired it here, and if they so find the Petrs are entitled to their freedom