Patty v. Charles Ratcliffe. Summons of Charles Ratcliffe


District of Columbia, to wit.
The United States of America,
To the Marshal of the District of Columbia, Greeting:

You are hereby commanded to summon Charles Ratcliffe administrator of Benjamin R Davis and the Heirs and representatives of the said Benjn. R Davis if they shall be found in the county of Washington, that (all excuses set aside) they be and appear before the Circuit Court of the district of Columbia, to be held for the county of Washington, in the city of Washington, on the second Monday of April next, to testify on the part of answer the petition for freedom of Negro Patty in said Court exhibited against them

Hereof fail not at your peril; and have you then and there this precept.

Witness Wm Cranch Esquire, chief Judge of the said Court.

Issued the 13th day of Jany 1823

Wm Brent Clk




Negro Patty
Charles Ratcliffe adr. of Benjn. R Davis & the heirs & representatives of Benjn. R Davis

} Subpa
1 bre

Sum Defts

Non Sunt
T Ringgold