Walter Thomas & Dennis Thomas v. Alexander Scott. Deposition of Henry Suttle


District of Columbia
Washington County, towit

Henry Suttle being duly sown deposeth and saith, That some time in the beginning of January last he delivered a letter to John Law from Alexander Scott. That he does not recollect what were the remarks made by the said Law to him on receiving the said letter That he received a letter from Mr. Law directed to Mr. Scott, which the said Law requested this deponent to deliver to the said Scott, That before this deponent had an opportunity of seeing the said Scott, a boy belonging to the said Scott came to this deponents office, to whom he delivered the said letter, with an order that he the said boy should deliver the same to his master. That he this deponent does not know what has become of the two negroes Walter Thomas and Dennis Thomas, but this deponent has understood that the said negroes have been sold to some person or persons residing out of this District. And this deponent further says that he well knows, that Mr. Scott was informed of the said Negroes Walter and Dennis having petitioned for their freedom. Because Mr. Scott requested this deponent previous to the sale of the said negroes, to examine the Docket for the purpose of ascertaining this fact. That he this deponent did according examine examine but when he does not recollect the Docket and found that a petition had been filed by the said Negroes and dismissed of which fact he this deponent informed said Scott.

Sworn to this 23rd. day of June 1810 before Daniel Rapine


Henry Suttle.